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Hands Off Parents is a weekly podcast featuring the "momedy" stylings of Steph and Abby. Two moms, three toddlers, four hands off. Presented by the Mocking Bird Network.

Presented in the 2015 WIDE-EMU: The Michigan State University Center for Research on Writing in a Digital Environment and the Eastern Michigan University Written Communication 

Presentation on using fictional content from TV, movies, and more to help teach theories to undergraduate students.

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“Ten Years of Tales” Arts & Culture Magazine

“Ten Years Of Tales,” Arts & Culture Magazine, Feburary 2016 – Print

The first time I experienced Houston's BooTown and their now-famous Grown-up Storytime was in the spring of 2008. The iconoclastic group's co-artistic director, Emily Hynds, invited me to read a story by an anonymous stranger. She told me I could change the text and have fun with it. Being new to Houston and having no idea what to anticipate, I went with few expectations. That Grown-up Storytime (affectionately called GUST), was held in the upstairs of Rudyard's, a bar that boasts cheap drinks and punk bands. The crowd was small, and while I cannot recall the story I read, I am sure it was about a night of debauchery. Many of the stories then were. Everyone seemed to be friends, and the jokes were of the inside variety. Despite feeling a bit like an outsider I wanted in. There was something magical happening."

Is Being a Couch Potato Now a Compliment?

I have always considered myself something of a movie buff. My father is a cinimafile, and I was raised on a healthy dose of the classics and indie films. I went to school with a concentration in film, so I am even learned in the subject. If you describe something to me as “Fellinian,” I actually know what you are talking about. Let’s put it this way, I care about the Academy Awards for the movies not just the clothes. But it dawned on me the other day: I haven’t seen any of the nominated movies from last year! I still haven’t seen Silver Linings Playbook, and I think I am OK with that. Houston Press

I Had No Phone For Five Days and Didn’t Die

The scene was right out of a Kodak commercial: My ridiculously adorable bull terrier frolicked in the waves of the Gulf of Mexico at twilight, an enormous doggy smile plastered on her face. I just had to take a picture of this perfect moment on my phone, but it occurred to me that I should take an Instagram because then I could mess with the color and put a border around it and then make it even — and within the nanosecond in which that unnecessary and moronic thought wave went from my brain to my fingertips — SPLASH! Houston Press

The Metropolitan Dance Company Gets a New Home

After seven plus years in the making, the Metropolitan Dance Company and Center finally opened the doors to its brand new home. This weekend marked a huge accomplishment for the dance company, who up until now had been holding court in much loved but let’s all agree, pretty rundown venue. With its new doors opening this past weekend, at 2808 Caroline, the Met offered a host of free classes in celebration. Houston Press




In addition to teaching, Abby Koenig is an accomplished playwright/performance artist with plays produced in New York, Houston and Denver.

Garbage Island
February 2017-October 2017, Rec Room Arts, Houston, TX

SYNOPSIS: GARBAGE ISLAND is the hit sketch comedy show for kids ages 2 - 6 with lots of laughs for Mom and Dad, too! This live and interactive kids show is both silly and educational. Come see off-the-wall characters come to life to both play and problem-solve using creative and critical-thinking skills. The show features an underlying message of earth consciousness, personal responsibility and rubbish reuse. Created and written by Abby Koenig.

July 2014, Horse Head Theatre Co., Houston, TX

SYNOPSIS: Spaghetti code (n.): A computer source code that has a complex and tangled control structure. It is named such because program flow is conceptually like a bowl of spaghetti, i.e. twisted and tangled.

Spaghetti Code (n.) A new play about a woman so desperate to have a baby she convinces her husband and best friend to procreate.

This is going to be a mess.

Milly and Tim are plagued with infertility. After five years of failed attempts to conceive the couple is desperate and Milly hatches one last plan: what if her husband and her best friend have a baby together, the old fashioned way? In bed.

Through a mix of comedy and drama Spaghetti Code chronicles the tangled mess of misconstrued feelings, confused affections, sadness, guilt, excitement, and joy of one couple’s unconventional baby-making scheme. This dark comedy explores the topic of infertility and how it affects everyone involved, raising important questions about women and men’s agency.

Spaghetti Code is a new dark comedy written by Houston playwright and Houston Press writer Abby Koenig. In 2012, Horse Head produced Koenig’s family dramedy, Your Family Sucks and is excited to present another Koenig world premiere.


WINNER! “2014 Best New Play,” Broadway World, Houston, TX.

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The Jew Who Loves Christmas
December, 2013, Fresh Arts ARC Gallery

Fresh Arts presents “The Jew Who Loves Christmas”, a new multi-media installation and storytelling piece by local artist and writer, Abby Koenig. Reflective and reminiscent, Koenig’s gilded winter wonderland chronicles the conflicting emotions that many experience during the holiday season. Complete with memorabilia and live performance, this unexpected take on the holiday incorporates dynamic narrative and historical and pop-culture references to Christmases past.

Interview with KUHA/Classical 91.7:

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Back At Day One, Again
May, 2013, Pandora Theatre’s Vox Feminina 4, Houston, TX

Essay about infertility read by myself as a part of a showcase of women’s work.

Your Family Sucks,
December 2012, Horsehead Theatre Co., Houston, TX

SYNOPSIS: You think your family sucks? Meet the Taubins: dad’s a drunk, mom’s a nut-bag, big sis is sexually confused and little sister has an imaginary friendship with a Hebrew-Pop star who makes her bulimic. Now imagine this insane family goes on a game show where they have to pretend to be normal? Yup, it’s going to be a mess.

Out Smart Magazine:

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And Then They Came For Me
December 2012, Big Head Productions, Houston, TX (an evening of one-act plays)

SYNOPSIS: During a round of layoffs, a group of colleagues play office politics while they are picked off one by one. But what happens when there is only one person left standing?

Worst Part, This Conversation
December 2011, Big Head Productions, Houston, TX (a part of “Motel Tropicana” showcase)

SYNOPSIS : Molly and Phil, a couple in their early 30s who have been dating for several years, have just returned to a hotel room after a wedding of their peers. They both have been drinking and are in great spirits. Their conversation turns into what seems to be a familiar game they play after weddings, called “Best Part, Worst Part,” wherein they ridicule the evening’s events. However, their tête-à-tête takes a turn for the worse when they come to the realization that deep down they want everything they are mocking.

The Houston Chronicle:

One Pink Yes, Two Pinks No (monologue)
December, 2010, Mildred’s Umbrella, Houston, TX (a part Museum of Dysfunction III)

SYNOPSIS: While waiting on the results of a pregnancy test, a young woman contemplates being a mother.

Bring Your Jesus to Class Day
May, 2010, Six of One Productions, Houston, TX (produced for the Houston Fringe Festival)

SYNOPSIS: When Jesus comes to a third grade class’ “Career Day” to share all of his invaluable wisdom, it is no different than if any other father showed up to share life lessons — there are lots and lots of ridiculous questions.

Notes of a Serial Monogamist
May 2009, self-produced one-woman show, Houston, TX (performed for the Houston Fringe Festival)

SYNOPSIS: A one-woman reflection on all of the various, dysfunctional relationships one woman has contended with over the years illustrated through a Powerpoint presentation.